Yiorgos Assimakopoulos

Born in Athens, Greece in 1977, Yiorgos Assimakopoulos is emotionally attached with Photography.

“Photography is a way of life, a way of seeing things around you, a way of feeling…. and finally the mean to express the uniqueness of your own world”.

After successfully completing his studies in Business Administration & Marketing (MBA) in the UK, Yiorgos felt the need to go one step further and to expand his creativity through art. His involvement with Photography started in 2005 and after completing his formal education and courses in art photography, he has been exclusively focused on travelling and street photography.

He has been participating in group exhibitions while in parallel building his own personal portfolios, inspired mainly by human centric topics. As an active member of the Green Project team and Common Routes project, he does not miss the chance to participate in new projects abroad in other countries, aiming to explore and record new stimuli through the eyes of his photographic lens.

In 2012 Yiorgos found Fokal, a school in photography aiming to provide(free of charge) courses to the citizens of Acharnai and vulnerable social groups. He currently teaches at the Diadromes School of Photography , while still focusing in parallel with activities through collaborative art teams. Yiorgos continues to expand his knowledge with further studies at the University of the Athens, School of Fine Arts.

Personal website : yiorgosassimakopoulos.com